Structural Insulated Wall Panel Systems

The structural insulated wall panel systems (SIPs) have many advantages when creating a well-insulated and air-sealed building shell that is cost effective to produce. The most significant advantage of the SIPs is that they provide an uninterrupted thermal barrier for the shell that is also a durable and easily sealed air barrier.


For an Energy Efficient Home, a building should not have any thermal bridges in the foundation or building shell. The SIPs system allows the construction to easily conform to this, while still allowing for simple and cost effective construction.


The second advantage of SIPs is that they arrive at the building site pre-cut with all of the expensive framing and building shell components (including window and structural frames) already installed. By utilising computer designs in the actual production of the construction components the end product is of higher accuracy and quality.


SIPs Design Manual

Detailed planning and designing information on Premier Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)